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題目:需要包含你的topic和你的controlling idea.第一段:提綱句:你所看電影+你對這個電影的簡練評價;介紹電影的大概內容,注意要用描述性、抒情性的句子第二段:具體闡述你在提綱句中對電影的評價,展開說,為什么這樣評價,原因何在,這部電影給你什么啟示。第三段:收尾,即對上述你寫的內容進行簡練概括要寫一篇好的文章,還要注意:1.結構合理。這就是為什么要分段的原因,每個段落集中講述一個主題。2.過渡自然。這包括段與段、句與句之間的過渡,這時候需要根據意思來選擇表達并列、遞進、轉折等等的過渡詞。3.句式多樣,長短句結合。主動句換成被動句,善于運用從句,祈使句,特許句式等等。4.善于換詞。一些出現在作文里的千篇一律的單詞必須要換掉,不然讓人看著無味。如people換成individuals這類。



Feelings after watching"The Trueman Show"

"I just finished watching the movie " The Trueman Show",acted by Jim Carrey .

'What a movie!' , I couldn't help saying that when finshed that movie.

It talks about a show created by a director. He selected a baby and put him into a world he had created for him. In that world, everything was nice, people were friendly though they were all actors and actresses ,which means they were all fake. The boy was named' Trueman'. Since Trueman was born, he was left in that artifical island. Then people in the real world watched this 'Trueman Show' everyday. The director designed everything for trueman, his school, his friends, his fake parents, his fake wife...everything. He wanted to creat a person and world without worries but he was wrong. Trueman one day sensed the weird around him: everyday at the same time same place happened the same thing, people spoke the same thing with the same expression, no way!

He tried to run away but failed. Troubles seemed to be his twin brothers whenever he intended to escape from the island. Accidents, fires, traffic jams...Finally , he managed to escape from the cam and got a boat. Despite the seasick, he got on the boat and went on sailing. The director paniced while they found trueman was away. He set storms intending to stop Trueman but failed. Trueman was determined to have a true life. He kept sailing and sailing.

Trueman's boat stopped when it hit something. It was the end of the island. It was a wall colored like the sky. Trueman raised his head and he found out everything in the sky was painted. The sky, the clouds, the sea, everything was painted.

He found a 'Exit' button on the sky-blue wall, while trying to click it, he heard the director's voice from the sky." Trueman, the outside world has no lelies than this one I created for you. You belong here, I created the perfect world for you. " Trueman hesitated, yet clicked the button.

The show was over after more than 20 years and Trueman became a real true man when he dared to lose somehting, conquer somthing and face to something. That's how we all became a true person.

I can never forget the 'sky wall' and the director's God-like voice came from the unknown place. It reminds me so much of the world we are living in. Somehow we are all in a 'Trueman' world. Parents wanna control us, we work everyday following a certain routine. We dare not to lose the fortune we've gained and we lose more: hapiness, trust , friendship, health...

It was said that the real hapineis the balance of your heart. A friend told me if something is a little risky ,that means it's worthy to do it.

A lot of students lost the chances to follow their dreams due to the so called' shoulds' people had arranged for them , then they kept copying other people's lives and they lost their own.Guewhat happened in the end? You never have lived in this world!

Come on my friends, we only live once, if you have a dream, seize it!If the world world wants to go left and you feel like going right, go right, you don't have to follow, just go, it's very easy..."。 觀后感 http://www.novrnm.live/jiqiao/1229.html
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